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Dr. Bilal treats headaches, migraines, epilepsy (all types of epilepsy), brain stroke, transient ischemic attack (TIA), movement disorders, muscle weakness, back pain, neck pain, hematoma, encephalopathy, brain haemorrhage, personality changes, memory and concentration issues and fatigue.

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Dr. Bilal’s Expertise

Dr. Bilal believes in holistic treatment approach that encompasses the most effective medicines, therapies, lifestyle changes and all aspects of a person’s health.

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For the most effective treatment of your headaches, Dr. Bilal accurately diagnoses the underlying cause and provides the best possible treatment.

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Migraines require comprehensive treatment plan involving medication, lifestyle modifications and therapies that aim at relieving symptoms.

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Dr. Bilal is the best epilepsy specialist doctor in Hyderabad. Being an experienced epilepsy specialist doctor, he treats all types of epilepsy conditions.

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Brain Stroke

Stroke can cause paralysis, dysphasia, cognitive problems, sleeping problems, epileptic seizures, incontinence, muscles and vision problems.

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Back and neck Pain

There are several neurological causes of your back and neck pain – and therefore, knowing the cause is important for effective treatment.

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Diabetic Neuropathy

The best medication, lifestyle measures and therapies provide the most effective treatment for diabetic neuropathy.

About Us

Dr Mohammed Shuja Uzzaman Bilal

MBBS, MD (Gen.Medicine)., DM (Neurology), PGDLM from Middlesex University, London, NDEP.
Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist

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Dr. Bilal is the Chief Consultant Neurologist and Managing Director at SB Cardiology and Neuro Centre in Hyderabad. He has more than 8 years of cumulative experience as consultant at his own neuro and cardiology centres at two different locations in Hyderabad.

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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Bilal’s areas of expertise include headache, migraine, stroke, autoimmune neurological disorders and Parkinson’s disease.
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Professional Experience

Worked as a chief consultant at Omni Hospitals and Consultant neurologist at Remedy Hospitals and Vinn Hospitals.
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His Diagnostic Approach

He deals with complex neurological issues with a diligent approach and possesses astuteness in diagnosing intricate neurological disorders.
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Dr. Bilal’s Expertise

Dr. Bilal treats all types of neurological conditions and neurodegenerative disorders with profound expertness and due diligence.

Bound To Give You Top Quality & Ultimate Care

SB Neuro Centre offers treatment for all types of neurological, neurodevelopmental and degenerative neurological diseases and disorders. Meet the best neuro physician in Hyderabad for a thorough and diligent diagnosis and treatment

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SB Neuro Centre

Why Dr. Bilal for your Neurological Problems

Dr. Bilal has successfully treated hundreds of chronic headaches and migraine cases. He predominantly deals with complex epilepsy, stroke and complicated headache cases on a regular basis.

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Areas of Interest

Dr. Bilal’s prime areas of interest include epilepsy, stroke, migraine, headache, spinal disorders, and autoimmune neurological disorders.

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Research and Publications

Dr. Bilal published several research papers on Central Nervous System Disorders including Multiple Sclerosis, CNS tuberculosis & ischemic stroke.

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Experience and Expertise

He is known for diligently handling intricate neurological problems and providing expert care for such conditions with profound experience and expertise.

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Welcome to SB Neuro Centre

The best neuro centre in Hyderabad with top-quality service and expert neurologist

SB Neuro Centre provides care with holistic approach – considering the overall health of the patient. We provide the best neurologist in Hyderabad, cutting-edge technology and extensive patient care for the treatment of various neurological disorders.

Affordable Treatment & Neuro Packages

At SB neuro center, we provide the top-quality treatment with excellent neuro-diagnostic and therapeutic packages

The Best Diagnostic and testing Facility

We have a state-of-the-art neuro diagnostic and testing facility for accurate diagnosis of neurological disorders.

Accurate Diagnosis and prompt Treatment

The best neurologist in Hyderabad with immense expertise provides precise diagnosis and prompt treatment.
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Why You Get Sudden Speech problems?

Speech is the ability to convey our thoughts and requirements to others. We usually don’t experience speaking difficulty – and therefore, if sometimes it happens, we take it for granted.

Nervous System Disorders

In human beings the nervous system is the most sophisticated and complex system that is made up of two main systems: The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is the common neurodegenerative disorder and most common movement disorder in the elderly people. It is fairly prevalent in the elderly who feel it quite disabling.

Important questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions with detailed answers help remove your concerns regarding the most common neurological conditions and their symptoms.

1. What are the common neurological causes of back pain?

An estimated 85% of Indians experience some form of back pain at some point during their lifetime. In almost 80 to 90% of the cases, the pain is temporary and improves without surgery. The most common neurological causes of back pain include muscle strain and sprains, sciatica, pinched nerves, slipped discs, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, lumbar spinal stenosis, herniated disc, nerve damage caused due to diabetes, fibromyalgia, and trauma.

2. What is an Aura?

Neurological symptoms precede migraine a few hours or minutes before the onset of migraine symptoms. These symptoms are called auras. Nearly about 25 to 30% of people experience aura with migraines. People who experience aura a few hours or minutes before migraine have these signs and symptoms – feeling of strange taste, odours and unusual sense to tough; the appearance of wavy, jagged, dots or blind spots in one or both the eyes; pins and needle sensations; numbness in the hands; speaking incorrect words or difficulty recalling words; visual or auditory hallucinations; disruption in smell; the appearance of flashing lights and experiencing tunnel vision. Neurological symptoms associated with migraines may continue for around 50 to 60 minutes and then slowly vanish once the headache begins.

3. Are headaches hereditary?

The majority of people who suffer from headaches and migraines have a family history. According to several neurologists and migraine specialists, in around 75% of people who suffer from migraines have a family history of the condition. Researchers are trying to find the link between the genes and family predisposition in people who suffer from regular headaches and migraines. If one parent suffers from migraine, the chances of their child getting migraines are nearly about 50% – and, if both the parents have migraines, there are 75% chances that the child may get migraines.

4. What is a Silent Stroke?

A stroke often accompanies certain warning signs and symptoms – such as weakness in arms, slurred speech, and drooping face. In some cases, brain stroke strikes suddenly without any apparent signs and symptoms. This type of brain stroke in which there are no clear signs or symptoms is called a silent stroke. Those who experience this type of stroke don’t realize that they have had a brain stroke. A silent stroke occurs without warning signs and symptoms. The damage caused to the brain is often life-threatening and permanent.

5. Are OTC drugs effective to treat headaches?

To get immediate relief from headaches, a majority of people resort to OTC medicines. This type of approach can be legitimate if you know that your headache could be due to lack of sleep, overexertion, and hangover. It is, however, not a proper approach for headaches lasting longer than two to three days. Therefore, it is always better to consult a headache specialist doctor or a neurologist for your headaches and migraines rather than taking over the counter pain relief medicines.

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